In Tune with a Good Life

Advertisements By Peggy Bair Laura Chalk, She’s Jazz Fine Telling an introvert artist to stay at home during a pandemic is like the story of Briar Rabbit “Oh PLEASE – Don’t throw me in the briar bush!” So when Leavenworth resident Laura Chalk had to pull back on working two jobs, she quickly drew from her experience. Her deep roots in the Heartland over the … Continue reading In Tune with a Good Life

A Dotte of Happiness

Advertisements By Peggy Bair KCK Teacher Finds Inspiration in the Slow Lane The stay-at-home order for Kansas may be especially tough for the state’s extroverts. For Sarah Fahnestock Williams of Kansas City, KS, hitting the brakes in her on-the-go lifestyle has been hard. “I have always been a social butterfly. I’ve always gone out and about with friends. The biggest change for me has just … Continue reading A Dotte of Happiness

It’s a Family Affair

Advertisements Togetherness suits Diggs family just fine. By Peggy Bair The Diggs family in Leavenworth, KS is looking for the silver lining in the lockdown that has put their six family members inside one roof for several weeks. The closeknit military family of six staying in together during the pandemic likely has good reason to be grateful for their close ties.  “This has really forced … Continue reading It’s a Family Affair

Opening Up the Heartland in a COVID-19 World

Advertisements Conversations in the Heartland as Kansas and Missouri weigh how to open up the states’ economies again Part ONE – A recap of the past month, a county official explains PHE, protesters, a survivalist and an economist With stay-at-home orders in both Kansas and its neighboring state Missouri, the effort to “flatten the curve” for spreading the COVID-19 pandemic followed advice from health experts: close … Continue reading Opening Up the Heartland in a COVID-19 World