A Dotte of Happiness

Advertisements By Peggy Bair KCK Teacher Finds Inspiration in the Slow Lane The stay-at-home order for Kansas may be especially tough for the state’s extroverts. For Sarah Fahnestock Williams of Kansas City, KS, hitting the brakes in her on-the-go lifestyle has been hard. “I have always been a social butterfly. I’ve always gone out and about with friends. The biggest change for me has just … Continue reading A Dotte of Happiness

It’s a Family Affair

Advertisements Togetherness suits Diggs family just fine. By Peggy Bair The Diggs family in Leavenworth, KS is looking for the silver lining in the lockdown that has put their six family members inside one roof for several weeks. The closeknit military family of six staying in together during the pandemic likely has good reason to be grateful for their close ties.  “This has really forced … Continue reading It’s a Family Affair

Stay-at-Home Doesn’t Stop Birthday Surprise

Advertisements By Peggy Bair Gettin’ By With a Little Help from Their Friends Two friends who have shared a birthday lunch together for decades were not able to do that today due to a COVID-19 stay-at-home order – but one woman wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to make the day special for them anyway. By coincidence, the two friends met 20-some years ago and … Continue reading Stay-at-Home Doesn’t Stop Birthday Surprise

Opening Up the Heartland in a COVID-19 World

Advertisements Conversations in the Heartland as Kansas and Missouri weigh how to open up the states’ economies again Part ONE – A recap of the past month, a county official explains PHE, protesters, a survivalist and an economist With stay-at-home orders in both Kansas and its neighboring state Missouri, the effort to “flatten the curve” for spreading the COVID-19 pandemic followed advice from health experts: close … Continue reading Opening Up the Heartland in a COVID-19 World

Snapshots: April 11, 2020

Advertisements Working in the yard, fishing, bicycling, motor cycle riding, pleasure driving and – yes, shopping – were a few of the ways residents spent their sunny spring Saturday in Kansas. Walmart was busy with Saturday shoppers who were helped inside a single entrance and greeted with a sign reminding them of social distancing at the Leavenworth, KS store. A worker organized and disinfected carts. … Continue reading Snapshots: April 11, 2020

Worship in the Heartland

Advertisements This weekend features stories of strength and resilience found in the variety of people and faiths reflective of the rich diversity of American spirituality. As Americans face challenges of life and death health and financial hardships, turning to new ways to share faith was one of those challenges. There is no shortage of innovation, though. Broadcasting services has never been easier and many churches … Continue reading Worship in the Heartland

Farmers Growing Keep America Going

Advertisements By Peggy Bair Up on a quiet hill in Tonganoxie, KS, morning breaks over JET Produce and Meats Farm, pouring sunshine over the rich earth, stirring young shoots to spring forth, slowly turning over a brown landscape to a glistening pale green. Parking in the drive in front of the little two-room store, one can pause for a moment to appreciate the fresh air … Continue reading Farmers Growing Keep America Going